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Great day for features!

Our brand name is popping up everywhere today! We are featured in Chat magazine , Now daily, Pick Me Up, What’s on TV, Woman’s Own, and last but not least Woman’s Weekly for a  giveaway we are doing for UK residents only to giveaway a lingerie set from our Affinitas or Parfait collections.  We are very excited to be on so many sites and being able to gift ten winners a set from our fabulous collections.   Another feature for today is our U.K office’s move to London being featured in Lingerie Insight.  Starting this week our U.K office will no longer be in Birmingham, we are moving to beautiful London in Victoria.  We will now be closer to our retailers and hope to expand to even more surrounding  stores.  

Busy Monday!

Monday again?! Why do our bodies take so long to adjust from weekend mode back to weekday mode? Anyways! We have a busy day today as we are preparing for Lingerie FW in August and held a casting for the runway models.  We are  looking for 34B and 34D models to fit into our beautiful samples for the show and we are excited to see all the turnout.  This will be our second time participating in Lingerie FW and its at the fabulous Metropolitan Pavilion in N.Y again so can’t wait until August. While in L.A, we are busy preparing for tradeshows and for the catalogs to be mailed out. Time is flying by so quickly!  In a few days we will be exhibiting at the Mode City show in Paris, our first show to display to the world our SS14 newest collections! July and August are going to pass … Continue reading

Just Amazing

Our Affinitas Everyday Women contest nomination period is almost coming to an end so we wanted to look through some of the entries to see what kind of nominations we have and I am speechless.  We received some very strong and powerful stories about women who have managed to balance so much on their plate while being able to serve as a role model to others.  The stories are inspiring and make us feel truly blessed and lucky to have what we have now and appreciate the women in our life. If you have a woman in your life that has help make who you the person you are today, you have four more days to nominate her and show her some appreciation. To all the women out there: sister, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker, etc, thank you!!!!

It’s Arrived!

Happy Monday everyone! I am very excited to announce we have just received our Spring Summer 2014 catalogs.  The truck just dropped them off and the whole office rushed down to get the first glimpse of the catalogs.  June (our graphic designer) of course beat all of us to the boxes and tore into the boxes like a child opening a Christmas present because as she explained to all of us, they were her “babies.”  The catalogs came out looking great, the texture of the pages, the lifestyle pictures, everything just looked perfect.  Though I can’t sha re too much of the contents, heres a sneak peek at them. Here’s a picture of the catalogs leaving the nest It has land- ed!             June couldn’t wait to get her hands on them, so you know who’s hand that is…     And last but not … Continue reading


I have great news! Our brand made especially for fuller busted women, Parfait, is going to expand the band sizes. We are going from D-G cup to D-K cups in our best sellers.  That means our Alexis Babydoll and the Sophia Wire bra are going to be the first to reach K status.  And saving the best news for last, the beloved Charlotte Padded bra is getting the expansion to K cup and (drum roll please!) starting at a 28 band! We have announced this news and receiving great feedback from bloggers, customers, retailers and more.  We are very excited to cater to an even larger market now and look forward to expanding more of our items.

That’s a wrap!

We have put the finishing touches on our catalog!! After going through many changes and adjustments, we finally decided on the perfect look for it and we can’t wait for everyone to see it.  Spring/Summer 2014’s catalog is going to be the most colorful catalog to date.  Jam packed with lifestyle images and product pictures, the upcoming catalog has raised the bar. Expected to arrive end of this month, the countdown begins!

“Everyday Women D-serve” Update

We have been receiving a lot of great entries for our “Affinitas Women Deserve” contest, it is great to read so many heartwarming stories.  We have people from different walks of life telling us about that one woman who has made such an impact on their life.  Although we will only have one winner (trust us, its going to be so hard to narrow one down with so much great stuff), it is nice just to acknowledge these women and let them know they have made such a difference.  We don’t need a mother’s day or a birthday to show how much we really appreciate someone.  Anyday will do!

Every Girl Needs a Girls Night Out

We are at Sheckys Girls Night Out event today to help get our name out and help fit women who are unclear of their bra size.  You don’t want to go through life wearing the wrong size shoe so why wear the wrong size bra? We are excited to showcase some of our products and get some feedback on what women think about our bras. We hope to attend more events like these to get a chance to talk to consumers about our products.

Great Gatsby meets Charlotte

The movie “The Great Gatsby” is conjuring up feelings for some good old 20s fashion and what better way to help complete your outfit than to feature our best selling Charlotte bra? The Jewish Chronicle included our Charlotte in its article for “Dressing Great for Gatbsy” The bra goes perfect for a retro look with its pinstripes and has perfect bottoms to match with its high waist brief.

And so it begins

Another season another catalog! We took some fantastic pictures in downtown Los Angeles and now its time for us to put it all together.  As a recap, we have shot in the beautiful studio of 1906 where we have a fabulous view of downtown, not to forget the breathtaking rooftop view. We also shot at Notion Studio where famous celebs like Paris Hilton and Ray J have also shot at their spacious place decked out with modern and vintage furniture.  And last but certainly not least, we shot at the Penthouse at the LoftSEVEN building where we were all envious of the owner who called that location home. The process of putting a catalog together is not an easy task at hand, just selecting which images to use is a long and daunting job because everything looks great.  Thankfully we have June, our very talented graphic designer who does an … Continue reading

We got featured!

The Lingerie Stylist did an article on our brand and our road to launching in the U.K.  To read the article, please go to Lingerie Stylist , Tamar interviewed our U.K Sales Manager Rebecca Spiers to get the inside scoop on how Affinitas went across the pond. Goo Rebecca! And now working along side Rebecca is our new sales agent Susana, the newest addition to our U.K team and to welcome her, what better than an article in the May issue of Lingerie Insight to announce her arrival? Welcome to the team Susana!

Hello Penthouse!

It’s a dream come true to live in a penthouse like the one we are shooting at today! We are shooting our Parfait catalog today so we have our model Ashley and the team to make her look beautiful and our photographer Jun Shim who has shot several catalogs for us.  The view that we have is spectacular whether we are inside the building or on the rooftop so the pictures that are going to come out of this shoot are going to be fabulous! Not to mention a celebrity is coming after we finish shooting to decide if he wants to shoot a music video there, that’s how you know this isn’t any ordinary place. =) Can’t wait for all the pictures to come out! Heres a small preview of what the place looks like   

Notion Studio

From the front, you would never expect what lies behind these walls, located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles is a beautiful spacious studio.   With beautiful white walls, modern and vintage décor, this studio has so much to offer! We are shooting our Affinitas shoot today so with Sona’s bodacious looks (in part thanks to Davee the make-up artist) and our beautiful products behind the different backdrops, we are going to make magic happen today. Just wait and see people! Heres we are at work. Heres a shot of everyone involved in today’s shoot Can you spot the model?

First day of the photoshoot

Today is our first day shooting at the 1906 studios, this studio has a beautiful view of downtown Los Angeles in a very modern building.  We have a wonderful crew today with Davee, our awesome make-up artist who happens to live literally NEXT door to this building (pretty sure traffic wasn’t an issue for him), Selig and Chris our two very young and talented photographers, Sona and Ashley, our two beautiful models, Stephanie, our fitting specialist, and Nick our hardworking videographer.  We are shooting mainly our newest products today so we can’t show you any of those pictures yet but just know that we are looking at a 12 hour day, at least we have a great view! Here’s the roof top view Here’s the inside view